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That other server

cheezetarts Owner posted Oct 31, 14
Hey guys,

The ip of this server is:

Some of you may have heard I have started another server. I am an admin on this server, and have helped in the creation of it, HOWEVER I do not own it. Once all traces of SR are gone, you may be able to find me on the server listed above. It is a cracked server, and has hundreds of players online, especially at Europe's peak hours. The server features Factions, Prison, and Skyblock and probably a lot other gamemodes in the future. I encourage all of you to go visit it if you would like a new server to settle in. Note that different rules apply to this server, meaning if you get banned for something that was allowed in SR, don't come crying to me :P No your donation rank will not be transferred to this server. Visiting this server means a fresh start and has no affiliation with ShadowRaze.

It's Halloween today so have fun and be safe!

PS: Let me know if you do visit RisingHeroes in the comments :)

SilentSeekr I play there on the kitpvp once in a while now. its fun.
Mars23 I'm going to make sure this is reached out... Please read my thread. It's very urgent. ...
haque22 I visited it it is fun i did not tell the owner though
Edit by Cheezetarts: Final day -- November 7th, 2014

Cheezetarts and myself has known this moment would come for the last few months now but we can no longer afford to keep SR open. This is mainly due to people freaking out over the EULA, and survival/basic PvP declining in popularity, in favour of mini games over the last 12 months so we haven't received enough donations to keep it open so this is goodbye from us. 

Shadowraze (All servers) will close on 1st November (give or take a day) permanently.

I, myself, will not really be reachable for the next month really. I'll be going to a different country and taking some time off for myself to relax after 3 and a half years of watching this place. I will however be taking my laptop so I can try and log in to Minecraft itself using whatever wifi the hotels have to offer. 
Cheezetarts is working hard at University so his time here is also extremely limited too. The staff, if they so choose will continue to staff until the end of the month. 

We wish you all the very best.

So long, and thanks for all the fish! 

Below is my personal goodbye if you wish to read it:

Over the last 3 and a half years running ShadowRaze I’ve had laughs, tears and made some great friends. ShadowRaze itself has been a place of community and a way to sometimes escape the stressful real life that some of you have to endure. Whether it be family problems or problems at school with bullying, ShadowRaze was always a respite. It broke my heart when Cheezetarts informed me we could no longer keep ShadowRaze running due to the cost and lack of donations due to people being threatened by the EULA or being a sheep and going to mini game servers where you can’t really make friends as it’s all competitive.. But that's just my opinion. Even though we had a PvP server, bonds were formed and alliances created and even though I hate our PvP server with every fiber of my being, I can respect your competitive spirit and your ways of thinking up how you can rip off and scheme against your friends so you can obtain the P4.

Main Server.. What can I say. You’re my heart and my soul. I put everything into keeping you entertained with Treasure Hunts, Events, Epics, Random Giveaways, Silly Perks! You have no idea how much I will miss every single one of you. Even those who annoy the hell out of me. You've been a part of my life for 3 and a half years and nothing and no one can ever take that away. I’ll remember all of you always and in 10 years from now, I’ll wonder what you’re doing. How your life is going. Are you married? Did you get into University? Do you have kids? I still think about the people I met on Yahoo! messenger in 1996.. So don’t think for one second I’ll forget you and don’t you EVER think you’re not important. You are. You all are. And you always will be. So when you’re feeling like the world is against you and no one cares.. and you’re struggling with day to day things. Remember ShadowRaze. You will always…. always have a place in its and my heart.
Arcticwolf2022 I think this was quite possibly the only server I actually enjoyed playing on! It was very well built and I had a great ...
DaCakeMaster Ok lads, i thought i would post this. I am a pvper. At heart and soul. I started off playing on the main many years ago, ...
DSBwizzardscall I had to remember my login info and everything to this site just so I could write this here. It's been what, like a yea ...

Extra Homes

♥ Lady Scarlet ♥ posted Aug 12, 14

Not enough homes for all your creativity? To lazy to walk to places and wish you had a home there? Now you can! Read below:

Up to 20 Homes!

Up to 50 Homes!

The total number of homes includes the ones you have now! To donate for these homes, simply to go our donation page and on the left you will see the "Custom Donations" box (Don't forget to log in to the site). Just type in $10 or $25 and follow the instructions as usual. Inform a member of staff in-game and we'll add your permissions for you and ta-da! More homes! (This is for Main Server Only!)

polly_poo I think it's my computer but i can't go on minecraft. I have viruses and bugs and minecraft won't work, but I love this ...
~Ltgecko~ This is Just for Main right?

Copy And Paste The Server IP In Multiplayer!

Just logged on. Thought shadow raze was down because of 1.8. Then found out the news. Ive had the best times on Shadowraze since Beta 1.7.3- In my heart forever ~SR
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